Please Keep 'Ultra Rapid Fire' Petition


The League of Legends Ultra Rapid Fire mode was added by Riot as an April Fools joke. Since the release of the game mode, it has been played by hundreds of thousands of LoL fans across the world, and these fans have took to Reddit, Facebook, Twitter and the Official LoL Forums to appeal to Riot in order for them to keep Ultra Rapid Fire in the game and make it a permanent additional game mode just like ARAM.

As avid fans of URF ourselves (we want it to stay too!), we have decided to put this simple website together as a form of ‘petition’ aimed at Riot, so that all of our voices can be heard from one central hub. Some of us LoL players do not like to play competitively (or at least not on a constant basis) and before the release of URF, we would just log into League of Legends to play an occasional game of ARAM. URF has created another fun game mode for us to enjoy with our friends and family and this is why we are asking you, as a community, to sign this petition and help get our message across to Riot, in order to try and sway them into keeping URF as a permanent game mode.

A petition is pointless if it doesn't gather a good amount of signatures, share this website using one of the tools below so that we can gather as many signatures as possible.

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